Thursday, July 17, 2008

the "I", the "We"

There is no Starling "I".
The beauty of the watery sweep and inky line exists because of mindlessness.
To let ones self relax into the drift.
Which bird moves slightly to the left or leans into the wind to move the million towards that wild design?
The psychologists say that in mobs or riots, the crowds that run amok are steered by people deep inside the group.
The ones who cannot see.

So to those that are invested in the "flocking" theories for corporate workplace structures- be careful.

Individualistic vs. Collectivism.
The fraternal twins of different cultures.

One culture says- the good of the few.
The other- the good of the many.
The revolution of evolution.

But the Starling mind is not Collectivistic.
(Although the corporate encampments would like you to think it so. )
No creativity, no rebellion, no identity.
The Starling does not question.
We are the We.