Friday, July 16, 2010

nature loads the GUN - nurture pulls the TRIGGER

How can it be that a person born and bred from generations of alcoholics, arrives in this life as a tiny baby with the appropriate genetic code clutched in its fist, and moves through a lifespan never showing signs of addiction?

Biology has a strong hand.

Society has a strong hand too.

So it's no longer Nature vs. Nurture.

There's no arguement.

It's a handshake- with two sometime compatriots loading and firing a gun on a battlefield of evolution.

"It's good to see you", or perhaps, "I told you to stay away from me- now give me the gun"

Turns out there is a folding point, a weak spot in the fabric.
A trauma or event or series of events - often in early adolescence -
trigger the addict marker in the DNA....

and the rest uncoils.