Monday, July 14, 2008

spiral, magnet, tree: THE CRAVING

The surge and the urge.
The MRI- the miracle machine that peeps inside the mind, and shows the addict brain pulse with pleasure just seeing a picture of a frosty beer, a crack pipe, the oxycontin tablet.

While the normal mind shows a stimulating sign when looking at a baby, a humming bird, a family photo.
And DNA too!
The twists of genetic material that scribe the genes of a schizophrenic, a homosexual, and an alcoholic.
The mouth goes moist simply driving past the billboard where the woman in black velvet sips the drink or hold the bottle.
And the tree!

The family tree- with little christmas lights for every relative afflicted with addiction or bi-polar or.....suicide at last.

Put on those boots.
Lace them tight and strive to be the one that lives to old age, and dies in ones bed sober.
You are not alone.
You will make it.