Sunday, October 7, 2007

wax and lead, straw and pitch

"The transformation of waste"

When we walk in the dark land, where nails and blood and he hard screams of others scrape along our minds, we are in the Nigredo.
Alchemists said you needed pig iron and scrap in order to make gold.
Pig iron and scrap was what they called the Nigredo.
Jung said we needed to wade through the wastelands of our dreams in order to step up into the transformation.

The transformation of self.

As Patti Smith says- "the transformation of waste".

Anselm Kiefer paints in wax and lead, straw and pitch. His pieces are enormous- they span museum walls.

His lead books are gigantic. Some you may don white gloves and look into- but the pages quickly turn them black.
What is in these books?
The words of our death or of our transforming?