Thursday, June 21, 2007

resentment is drinking a cup of poison and hoping your enemy will die

Sue Lloyd

In her recent series photographer Sue Lloyd has captured the eerie sense
of being in danger, with no one around aware of your situation.
I am angry tonight.

But if you are angry, you are feeling something.

Anger is deceptive.

There's a highway that it rides, through the amygdala, that primitive machine in your brain.

Somewhere else in the brain, that is supposed to be tamed, taken in, analyzed, understood.
Supposed to.

Not many of us can get past
the initial surge-
the corporeal bonds-
the steel trap door-
WHY are we angry.

Are we lonely?


Singled out?

Left out?

"Anger is repressed creativity."

I appreciate that perspective.

It works pretty well for me.

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